The Legacy Companies Announces Acquisition of Legion Industries

Fort Lauderdale, FL – July 26, 2016

The Legacy Companies today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Legion Industries, based in Waynesboro, GA. This is the third acquisition that the Company has made this year. In June, it bought out EdgeCraft; in July, it bought out Orien.

Neal Asbury, CEO of The Legacy Companies, said, “This move reflects The Legacy Companies’ ability to seize opportunities when they occur, especially of those that match our strategy to expand our USA based manufacturing operations and to build our portfolio of Legacy brands. After all, there are few brands like Legion with a distinguished history successfully spanning three centuries.”

Legion Industries was originally founded in 1897 as the Joseph Heinrich Corporation (Jos. Heinrichs Corp.) of New York City. The company originally sold quality silver products to leading hotels, restaurants, institutions, railroads, and steamship lines. In 1937, Legion Utensils Co. bought the company and subsequently became a leader in the production of deep drawn stainless steel products for the commercial food service industry. Modern production techniques were applied to the manufacturing of classic European cooking items for the expanding American market. The Company introduced the Insulated Braising Pan into the United States in 1961 and pioneered the development of bi-metal cookware production, and the plating of silver, brass and copper on stainless steel.

Today, Legion Industries continues to manufacture the highest quality deep drawn stainless steel products with an extensive line of Insulated Direct and Self-contained Steam Jacketed Kettles; Insulated Combi-Pan® Tilting Skillet and Insulated Skittle® Cookers which is Legion’s multipurpose cooker functioning as a steamer, skillet, braising pan, griddle, deep fryer, combination oven, and even as a holding cabinet. In addition, Legion makes handcrafted Chafers and Buffetware and manufactures both CopperWare and InductoWare® Cookware. “Legion is an established company with many products originally pioneered by a great man, Joseph Heinrichs, and we have been honored to continue his legacy,” said Chuck Brown, CEO of Legion Industries. “With the support and business acumen of The Legacy Companies, we are eager to have Legion progress to the next level.”

About The Legacy Companies The Legacy Companies, a privately owned company with a strong track record of acquiring and growing companies, is a leading food service and consumer products company that designs, manufactures and markets, nationally and internationally, a diverse portfolio of products under world-class brands such as Bevles®, Blakeslee®, ChefsChoice®, Excalibur®, General®, Greenfield WorldTrade, Kold-Draft®, Maxximum®, Nautilus®, Omega®, and Zeroll®. The Legacy Companies is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. More information can be found on the Web at

About Legion Industries: Legion, headquartered in Waynesboro, GA, provides the finest chefs and serious cooking enthusiasts with the ultimate stainless and copper cookware. If you are looking for the ultimate cooking tools that will last for generations, then there is only one choice – Legion InductoWare® or CopperWare™. Legion also offers classic designs in Chafers, Buffetware, Serving Trays, Accessories, and Cookware. More information can be found on the Web at