The Legacy Companies Announces Co-Branding Partnership with zzysh® for North American Distribution as zzysh® by Vinturi


The Legacy Companies announces today that it has entered a co-branding partnership with zzysh®, based in Murten, Switzerland. Under this agreement, zzysh® will be sold and marketed in North America under
The Legacy Companies’ Vinturi® brand as zzysh® by Vinturi®.

“This is an exciting partnership and further enhances our global leadership positioning in the wine aerator, wine and sparkling wine preserver and accessories markets,” says Neal Asbury, CEO of The Legacy Companies. “We’ve all faced it. You want to enjoy a glass of wine but you don’t want to polish off the bottle in one evening. With zzysh® you can drink a portion of the bottle and enjoy the rest later with the same tasting notes weeks apart.”

zzysh®, an innovative wine and champagne preservation industry leader, is widely acclaimed for its use of industrial wine and food preserving technologies practiced worldwide by winemakers and the food industry for years. zzysh®, the unique Swiss technology replaces the air in an opened wine bottle with 100% food-grade argon gas to protect from oxidation and quality. For sparkling wine, the opened bottles get pressurized with argon/CO2 gas to keep the flavor and the fizzy sensation. Established in 2009, zzysh® is the brainchild of entrepreneur and founder Manfred Jüni, whose vision was to create a product able to preserve the taste and freshness of beverages and food in a simple, easy way. Headquartered in the idyllic Swiss town of Murten (where the idea was first born), zzysh® is favored by wine and champagne lovers all around the world.

“The partnership with Vinturi® will allow zzysh® to be enjoyed by even more consumers in North America, says Jüni. “Through the Vinturi® partnership we offer a complete product lineup for the best and longest-lasting wine and champagne tasting experiences. zzysh® by Vinturi® is the perfect wine and sparkling wine pairing and will be a game changer for consumers looking to enjoy their wine with products that enhance and prolong their enjoyment,” he adds. Visit for more information about zzysh®.

Established in 2007 in Carlsbad, California, Vinturi® was the first venturi-driven, handheld aerator.
Vinturi’s patented technology is designed to infuse the perfect amount of oxygen to interact with wine as it is poured through the chamber. Today, Vinturi offers a complete line up of wine essentials including bottle openers, corkscrews and stoppers. Enjoy your wine from the very first sip with Vinturi wine aerators and accessories. Visit for more information.

The Legacy Companies, a privately owned company with a strong track record of acquiring and growing companies, is a leading food service and consumer products company that designs, manufactures and markets, nationally and internationally, a diverse portfolio of products under world-class brands such as Back To Basics®, Bevles®, Blakeslee®, ChefsChoice®, Excalibur®, General®, Greenfield WorldTrade, Joseph Heinrichs®,
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