Maxx Cold

Maxx Cold Extra Large Chest Freezer with Split Top, 30 cu ft. Storage Capacity, in White

Maxx Cold Select Series solid hinged lid chest freezers are excellent for safely storing frozen food such as meat, packaged foods, ice cream, vegetables, desserts and bags of ice. The subzero chest freezer keeps frozen food product at the ideal storage temperature to maintain quality, taste, extended product life and prevents freezer burn as well as the development of ice crystals. Due to the double top lid design, frozen food product is easily accessible when it’s time to use. Interior storage baskets are included and help you organize your products, allowing you to quickly locate and retrieve what you need. Designed with an oversized refrigeration system, this unit can be installed and used safely in a garage even if the temperature drops to 0 degrees F or rises above 100 degrees F. The hinged lid includes a lock and key to prevent unauthorized access to the contents. The freezer is sized to pull down its content temperature level if loaded with pre-chilled products (recommended loading temperature for all products is ≤less than 41 degrees F/ 5 degrees C). The storage freezer will provide years of reliable operation if properly maintained and its white coated exterior is easy to wipe down and clean. Perfect for convenience stores, concession stands, ice cream shops, restaurants, bars, or your home.
  • Extra-large storage capacity of 30 cubic feet / 669 liters to store all your frozen foods
  • Engineered with rapid temperature recovery, high quality durable components and NSF certification allow the storage freezer models to be used in commercial applications
  • Sturdy, double hinged, solid top lids open up to 90 degrees permitting easy access, defrosting, and cleaning
  • Lids include a lock built-in directly to the handle to secure contents and prevent unauthorized access
  • Chest freezers can hold frozen foods more sufficiently than upright freezers because the cold air is retained in the storage compartment even if the lid is not fully closed and rapid temperature recovery after opening lid
  • Holding temperature: 0 to 11 degrees F (-24 to -18 degrees C)
  • The temperature is easily adjustable, the factory default temperature is 5 degrees F (-15 degrees C)
  • 3" of environmentally friendly foam insulation keep products in a deep freeze even if lid is opened and closed multiple times
  • Supplied with interior wire baskets that will keep products organized and accessible
  • Includes a standard household grounded power cord & plug for easy plug-and-play installation
Model Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • 76” (1930mm) W x 35.25” (895mm) D x35.83” (910mm) H
Model Weight
  • Unit 209 lbs (95 kg) shipping 242.5 lbs (110 kg)